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The Jewish Vocational School Masada
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This website is devoted to the research and findings about the Jewish Vocational School Masada in Darmstadt and the people involved.
The school existed for less than a year during 1947-48 for the purpose of educating young Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust, to train and prepare them for the future Aliya to Israel. It was directed by Samuel Milek Batalion.
The EXHIBITION opened on January 27, 2011 in Darmstadt It is the result of an intensive research and cooperation with Renate Dreesen from the HEMS Vocational School in Darmstadt.Pictures of the the Exhibition Display

Next Exhibition Sept. 5, 2017 in Prague


Would you be interested in hosting the Exhibition? Excellent for school, a cooperation between Jewish and other German schoosl.
There are 33 rollups stand. It can be build in 10 minutes and can easily be transported.

Please contact Renate Dreesen or Lea Dror-Batalion

Samuel Milek Batalion Kolbert?
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