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Betar Activities in Germany 1946-1948
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Betar Meeting in Paris September 1948
Samuel Milek Batalion went with a group of representative to the
Betar Meeting in Paris
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Samuel Batalion and Betar activities in Landsberg and Feldingen
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The History of Betar

The history of Betar, just like the genealogy of a family, a legacy unto itself. The men and women whose unabashed Jewish pride and unwavering devotion to that one ideal, a free Jewish people in a free Jewish state, put Betar in the forefront of the creation of the state of Israel.

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The Four Principles of Betar

Then Jabotinsky laid down the four principals by which Betar must stand or fall. The principals that were to take the mind of European Jewry by sorm, and fire the imagination of Jewish youth as nothing had ever fired it before.

MONISM - The devotion to a single ideal of a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan river.

HADAR - The abandonment of the slovenly habits adopted in the ghetto, and the adoption of ways of living that would mark the Jew out as the aristocracy among nations, with the Betari as the aristocrat among Jews.

LEGYON - Military training for the defense of Jewish life and honor.

GIYUS - National service in the homeland without thought of personal gain.

Interesting Activities of Betar after the World War II

In the state of New Jersey, on the east coast of the United States, the outbreak of World War II saw the formation of the Betar Jabotinsky Air School, where scores of Jewish youth learned the art of flying airplanes.

In south Africa, a Betar formed a third Air School. At this point it was certain that Betar was the leading trainer of sailors and pilots for the soon the be reborn Jewish State.

During Israel's fight for independence, graduates from the various air schools provided an invaluable service. With their help, badly needed weapons were flown in, all of which were put to immediate use. While in the air, many pilots were able to fend attacks from the ground, while others were able to get a view of the battle unavailable any way else.

Today, Betar still emphasizes the increasing need of trained pilots to the State of Israel, and continues to encourage youth to take to the skies.


Aliyah - Immigration to Israel.

Aliyah Bet - The second major wave of immigration of Jews to British administered Palestine without the consent of the British government.

Bar Kochba - The leader of the Jews fighting against Roman takeover in the days of Massada.

British Mandate Palestine - The area now consisting of Jordan and Israel. The British government was given the responsibility by the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations, to establish the Jewish National Home. Over 75% of the land was taken away from the Jews to create the Arab Palestinian State, Jordan.

Eretz Israel - Originating in the Torah, the name means Land of Israel.

Galut - The world outside of Eretz Israel.

Hachshara - Military Training.

Hashomer Hatzair - The youth organization of the Jewish socialist parties. Not only are they typified as being anti Jewish religious practice, but anti-religion as well.

Histadruth - The collective of all Jewish socialist parties.

Jewish Agency - The group recognized by the British as Representatives of Jews in Palestine.

Kinus - A governing convention of Betar that decides the future of the movement. Today, a Kinus occurs every two years in each country as well as another for the World movement.

Maoz (Maozim Pl.) - A Betar chapter.

Mapai - The socialist party dominating Jewish policies in British Mandated Palestine and Israeli politics until Menachem Began became Prime Minister.

Mifaked (Mifakdim Pl.) Officer.

Mizrachi - The organization of Sefardic Jewry.

New Zionist Organization - The anti-socialist political organization.

Plugat Hakotel - Translated as the Platoon of the Wall, this is the name of the group of Betarim who protected Jews as they went to pray at the Wailing Wall before Israel was established.

Revisionist - The name of the group that saw a new vision of the future establishment of the State of Israel. While the Zionist establishment was working to establish the Jewish state based upon socialist ideals, Jabotinsky wanted to see a democracy and a free market economy. He explained how we should not work toward socialism. The only ism we should work for is Zionism. (not to be confused with the term 'Holocaust revisionist' that implies a rewrite of history itself)

Torah - Jewish Bible.

Yishuv - The settlement of Jews in Eretz Israel.

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