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The Vocational School Darmstadt 1947-48
Hebrew Documents of activities relating to the School, Samuel Batalion and Betar activities in Landsberg and Feldafing

The following is a alist of documents retrieved from the Jabotinsky Archives in Tel Aviv

1. April 18-20, 1946
List of participants at the Gatherthering. Number 102 is Samuel Batalion and 103 Sophia Batalion. They listed as coming from Frankfurt. Other names from Frankfurt:
Lieberman Azriel and Sarah, Grauman Samuel, Gold Sarah, Stolowitzki Haim, Goldstein Shoshana, Haris Lea, Hecht Avraham and Mira, Weinzimmer Herman and Frida, Gayer Paul, Brenich Yizchal, Vetrich Jehoshua.
Found in File of Betar Germany - 3/ 1/ א 21 ב.
2. April 18-20, 1946
Guest Card for Member, Dr. Steinhard, at the First Betar Convention in Landsberg (American Zone), it includes the program of the conference and a picture of the presidential table at the conference with the honored guest Aaron Zvi Propes.
3. Military Training Decision to organize additional periodical defense training for madrichim(leaders). the schools mentioned to hold the training are: Darfan, Feldafing, Darmstadt and Eschwege.
Found in File 4/ 1/ א /21 ב
4. 1953 Meeting of Former German Betar Meeting in Israel. List of Betar Members from Germany in Israel.
Found in File 5/ 3/ א/ 21 ב

Extracts from the Book: Chaim Lazar, Betar B' Sheerit Hapleita

5. Pluga Darmstadt Betar Germany. Listing of all Betar Groups including Darmstadt and mentioning of the School:
"Darmstadt: A group (Pluga) of 50 Betarist was organized and a professional school was locally established" pg. 135.
6. Feldenfing Gathering Betar Gathering in Feldenfing
7. Defense Training Summarizes the Betar Activities in Germany
8. Closing of Betar Decision to Close Betar Germany
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