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Excerpts about the school from thePaul Arnsberg Book
betar.html Background information about Betar
betarpictures.html Pictures of Betar activities in Germany and Paris. Looking for identification of people and places.
betty.html Information about and received from Betty Borenstein
biblio.html Bibliographic Information
building.html The building of the School at the Steubenplatz
city.html The city of darmstadt after 1945
community.html The Jewish community of Darmstadt 1847-1949
contact.html  Contact information
darmstadt.html  Information related to the city, the community, the TU Darmstadt
documents.html  Documents found in the archives
documents2.html  Hebrew Documents-2 found in the Jabotinsky Archives and in Literature
echo.html articles found in the Darmstaedter Echo about the School
events.html  Events regarding Samuel Milek Batalion and the School
grouppicture.html  A group picture of students in Betar uniform with enlargment of face of each student
hospital.html The living quarters at the hospital (former use for invalids)
index.html Home Page: How It All Began
index.htm Pictures ofthe student, the school and the opening ceremony. Link to the full collections of pictures about the school
moshe.html Biographical material, letters and Interviews with Moshe Mordchelewitz
mosheletter2007.html Letter from Moshe from 2007
mosheskype120609.html Converstation with Moshe on Skype June 12, 2009
mosheskype150609.html Converstation with Moshe on Skype June 15, 2009
mosheskype200609.html Converstation with Moshe on Skype June 20, 2009
mosheskype070709.html Converstation with Moshe on Skype July 7, 2009
moshe112006.html Converstation with Moshe in Tel Aviv November 2006
moshe150509.html Converstation with Moshe May 15, 2009
moshepictures.html Some pictures of Moshe
persons.html Jews living in Darmstadt from 1946/7-1960
research.html Questions to be answered. Sources to follow and Archives
rita.html Interview wirh Rita Rubin (Borenstein)
samchronol.html Chronological Data about Samuel Milek Batalion
school.html Information about the School
searchforinofrmation.html An article published inthe Darmstaedet Echo Sept.24, 2008, "Spurensuche nache juedischer Schule" (looking for traces of the jewish school)
sitemap.html Listing of all the webpages on this site
story.html The story told by survivors
students.html The list of studetns attending the School
studentspictures.html Pictures of the students, the teachers, others at the school
terms.html Explanation of terms used or related to the subject
thanks.html Thank you to the people that asisted me in this virgil
TUstudents.html The Jewish student at the Technical University(TU) Darmstadt, 1947-1950
  Map showing the Steubenplatz- the school facility and the nearby Bismarckstr. 59 where the student lived.
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