Research Project Betar Professional School Darsmatdt, Germany 1947-48
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The Jewish Vocational School Masada Darmstadt 1947-48

Exhibition Opening
January 27, 2011
Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck-Schule Darmstadt

Pictures Opening Ceremony

Exhibition Displays

Film Screening

Pictures after Film Screening

Exhibition and Film
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  Press Review in Darmstaedter Echo on January 28, 2011

  Press Review in Frankfurter Rundschau on January 28, 2011

 Jüdische Gemeindezeitung Frankfurt (01/11) on April 2011 Page 15

  Exhibition Flyer and Invitation - View

  Radio Darmstadt bei Walter Kuhl The Jewish Vocational School "Masada“ in Darmstadt - Radio Program Transcript

  Read and Listen to the Opening Speeches and Greetings with Introduction by Walter Kuhl- Listen to German Recording

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